• Is it safe to store my username and password on the device?
    Your login credentials are always stored encrypted. Even in the scenario where you lose your device, it is not possible for someone to recover this information.

  • What information is stored remotely when I enable push notifications?
    When you enable push notifications, your account needs to be registered with the push notifications server. The only information transferred and stored on the server, is your encrypted email address and a unique anonymous URL provided by Microsoft for your device that also gets encrypted. Nobody, including the server administrator, has the ability to decrypt this information and view your email.

  • What happens to all the email notifications that get forwarded to you from Google Voice?
    Each such email is processed upon arriving, the push notification is sent to the device, and the email is discarded. No records of forwarded emails are ever stored by the system, even temporarily.

  • Would it be possible to implement feature X?
    You can always contact us at feedback@metrotalk-windowsphone.com with any ideas or comments you may have. All feedback will be strongly taken into consideration in future development.

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