Push Notifications (Outlook)

Note: These instructions only apply for version 3.4 on WP8 and higher. Configuring push notifications using Outlook is not allowed on earlier versions, including all WP7 releases.

Both the free/trial and paid versions of MetroTalk support push notifications. Push notifications are sent when you receive a new SMS or Voicemail, and they can be enabled through the Settings page of the application (part 1). In addition, a one-time configuration is required every time you use a new Google Voice account (part 2). For accounts that have already been configured, you only need to repeat part 1 if you decide to disable/re-enable notifications, or if you want to use a new device.

Part 1

1. Fill out your Google Voice email and password and press “sign in” for logging into your account.


2. If the process is successful, the email and password boxes will become read-only and a “sign out” button will appear. You now need to visit settings → push notifications and enable the functionality.


3. If you have previously configured this Google Voice account (steps 5-14), push notifications are now active for your phone! If not, keep reading. A section labeled “configuration” will now appear on your screen. The option to automatically configure the application only supports Gmail accounts. If you are reading this page, you are trying to run the configuration using Outlook. Thus you need to configure this manually, by clicking on “manual”.


4. Write down the code which will appear on your screen; we will need it for the next part. Alternatively, you can email it to yourself or copy it to the clipboard by using the respective buttons.


Part 2

We now need to configure your email account for handling new notifications. The following instructions assume that you have an Outlook/Hotmail/Live account associated with your Google Voice account, and not a Gmail account. If you are in fact using a Gmail account, please follow the instructions found here instead.

5. First, due to limitations with the Outlook web service, it is strongly recommended that you associate your Google Voice account with an email alias that will be used exclusively for delivering notifications to MetroTalk. Log into your Google Voice account at http://www.google.com/voice first, and then visit the Voicemail & Text page in Google Voice’s settings. Click on the “Add a new email address” link.


6. In the “associated email addresses” section, you can now see the Outlook/Hotmail/Live email address that you are using with Google Voice. We now want to create a new alias, that will be used for the notifications. If for example your existing email address is “username@outlook.com”, then in the “Add a new alternate address” textbox type “username+gv@outlook.com” and press “Save”. Not that we are simply using the existing email address, by also appending “+gv” at the end of the username.


7. Next log into your “username@outlook.com” account and find the email sent just now by Google, for authorizing the new associated email address. Click on the provided link, and enter your Google account password on the newly opened page, for completing the process. Your Google account is now associated with “username+gv@outlook.com”, in addition to any pre-existing email addresses.

8. Return back to your Google Voice account at http://www.google.com/voice first, and visit the Voicemail & Text page in Google Voice’s settings again. If the page was already opened in your browser, refresh it.

9. Select the newly added “username+gv@outlook.com” address from the list in box #1 (see screenshot below). Then check the boxes next to:

  • Email the message to: username+gv@outlook.com
  • Forward text messages to my email
  • Transcribe Voicemails

and click “Save changes”.


10. You now need to log into your “username@outlook.com” account and visit “More mail settings”, by first clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page.


11. Click on the “Rules for sorting new messages” link, found under the “Customizing Outlook” section (right column). Click on “New” in the next page. Please note that if you have an existing forwarding rule, you need to first delete it before continuing to the next step. Outlook does not allow more than one such rule to be configured.

12. In “Step 1: Which messages do you want this rule to apply to?”, select “To or Cc line” in the first box, “contains” in the second one, and finally type the email address you selected in step 9 in the last box (please see screenshot below). In “Step 2: What action do you want to apply?”, click on “Forward to”, and type the address you received from step 4 above in the available field. So if the code is “a5edfvnsvn7m…” like our example, then your account’s forwarding address is “a5edfvnsvn7m…@metrotalk-windowsphone.com”. Click “Save”.

13. Optionally, you can create another rule by repeating steps 11 and 12, but this time select “Move to a new folder” in “Step 2: What action do you want to apply?”. Do not forget to specify the name of the folder. This will keep all email notifications out of your inbox, and stored into the newly created folder.


14. Congratulations, your account is now configured to receive push notifications!

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